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The Longboarding Promotion Group

I love booty.

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I hate Michael. 

Get a free Pokemon egg~!


I want to do one!

Okay so you reblog and a week later you’ll get this cutie in your inbox


After about a week a Pokemon will hatch!

Some people might get special Legendary, It all depends :)

It’s going to be any Pokemon from all the regions

and I promise I will do every each one of you.

This will be open until the 29th and then I will be sending the eggs off to you all :)

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Longboard City In Facebook

PLEASE vote for me!


Hi everyone!
I entered with a photo from Skate the Cape to win a contest for the chance to photograph Flogging Molly at their upcoming MD show, if you could CLICK HERE AND VOTE through facebook and twitter I’d really appreciate it!

You don’t have to let it access all your fb/twitter things, just connect and vote.

Please vote :)

Long boarding, Skate page!


So all the time I get messages from people asking what some other good long boarding, skate, or street blogs are… So to make it easier I figured I’d make a page dedicated to all the other awesome bloggers out there!

Everyone who enters will get a promo but only a select few will make the page. Reblog this post and follow me then message me here to enter.


#shredfest Skate the Cape

  • Me: I wonder how those animated football robots get so buff
  • Kaitlyn: I don't know probably steroids
  • She's so dumb robots aren't even affected by drugs I think


Gobbe gobble

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I remember when my dad was surprised you could text more than one person at once


My dad and my brother just had an argument over Facebook so done

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